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Thank you for your interest in DeRosa Fine Foods.  The DeRosa family has been in the food industry for nearly 100 years, supplying quality products to our local community.  Originating in Italy, the current generation of the DeRosa family is now based in Eltingville town in Staten Island, New York.  We strive to accommodate the many varied tastes and needs of our patrons.

In recent years, we have noticed the growing need of our customers for gluten-free products.  We have listened to this need, and have placed much emphasis on our gluten free product line. The catalog continues to change as we add new products.  We have learned that many people, who need gluten-free products, also need their foods to be free of other things like: casein, soy, nuts, dairy and lactose.  We understand and we
are dedicated to creating as many food choices as possible. 


On this site, you can find our Catering Menu.  All of our catering is handled personally by Chef Luciana DeRosa.  Luciana is a graduate of the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City.  She uses this knowledge, along with our family's deep history and passion for fine cuisine, to ensure you get nothing but the best. 


We thank you for visiting our page.  Keeping our customers happy has been the goal of the DeRosa family for many years.  Please feel free to ask any questions or leave comments in our "Contact Us" section.

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